Charlie Hebdo back in the spotlight

This week’s edition of Charlie Hebdo–which contains satirical caricatures of the downed Russian airliner in the Sinai–has once again ignited our passions: cries of outrage, poor taste and scandal. The Kremlin’s spokesperson, Peskov, went so far as calling the cartoons ‘blasphemy‘. Other critics were less severe, merely calling the publication ‘a provocation’ and/or ‘offensive’.


But is Charlie Hebdo really making light about the disaster that killed all 224 about the Russian airliner? Or is it that instead Charlie Hebdo is pointing out that in today’s world of designermade-wars no country or individual is 100% innocent; and that everyone who travels is a potential target for extremists… political satire being the least of our worries? 



One need only turn on the TV or the radio to become bombarded hourly about how many people have been killed today in the latest terrorist attacks. Sometimes it is not even the terrorists that are doing the killing! And what about the drownings of refugees trying to escape from wars brought on them from the outside? What about the missing 43-Mexican students?…Do not ALL of today’s major media profit from such horrible tragedies?

If we have not already become completely de-sensitized and indifferent to the suffering of others, then we are certainly moving in that general direction. Quickly. Everyone is a victim; no one is innocent. Today it has become quite fashionable–even big-business–to feed upon our feelings of insecurity.

Charlie Hebdo–if infact it has succeeded in arousing our revulsion at today’s violent reality–is doing us all a service: we can still care about the suffering of others. That there is still hope for what is left of our eroding humanity…

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