Spectactor problems at Berlin World Blitz

”Unless there is some attention paid to the ‘live’ fans – as opposed to the internet audience – then there seems little point in hosting World Championship tournaments outside Siberia…´´

ian rogers

Ian Rogers, grandmaster and globe-trotting journalist, is one of the most respected names in the chess world, and is known not to shy from calling a spade a spade. In a recently published article on the World Blitz on the USCF website, Ian recounts the horrors that he experienced as a spectactor/journalist during his one day visit to the tournament site of Germany’s most high-profile chess event this year.  READ MORE HERE. I ask myself if what Rogers saw is just a small glimpse of the pandora-box of problems plaguing German chess that has lead to–amongst other shames– its number one player change federations this past year?  What do you think?

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