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Hello Tuesday morning!  October the 13th–‘Lucky Tuesday‘!  To start this thread, I think it is time to congratulate the winners of some high-profile chess events that just finished this weekend and/or yesterday…


Congrats to 24-year old world champion Magnus Carlsen for winning the World Rapid Championship yesterday in Berlin with an undefeated score of 11.5 points from 15 games.


Certainly it is something remarkable (to me , anyway) to go thru such a gruelling 3 day event undefeated, but then again let us not forget that Carlsen did NOT run away with the event and several grandmasters were hot on his heels.  Magnus’s final score was just one point more than the next 3 finishers (Nepo, Dominguez and Radjabov)  and just 1.5 points ahead of 11-other players.


Two Canadians participated-GM Eric Hansen and IM Tomas Krnan.  Eric finished with a very respectable 8.5 points, while Tomas with a more modest 7 points.  The World Blitz Championship (FIDE likes to join these two events) begins later today…GOOD LUCK, Gentlemen!



Congrats to 29 year old Harikrishna for winning the 2nd Poker Stars Isle of Man International!  His final score–7 points from 9 games–was equalled by the Frenchman Fressinet as well as the Armenian Sargissian, but the Indian was blessed with the higher tie-break. Congrats to all three!!!  As well, the readers might want to take a look at their games played in this tournament…this writer feels that some of the BEST chess played in the past decade was played by these gentlemen!  Must be something about the air and healthy lifestyle associated with the Isle of Man!





FINALLY,  congrats to 27-year old Nakamura for out-surviving LeQuang in the final tiebreak game! With this victory the American walked away with a cool $100-k, despite the controversy involving a 9-move draw in the last regulation-time control game.


It is not known if Millionaire Tournament organizer Maurice Ashley will want to organize a third event next year…much depends on how his sponsors evaluate the public interest in what must be a money-losing tournament.


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