Today’s chess video


The story is a fictional take on the conspiracy theories that arose when World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov was defeated by IBM’s chess playing super-computer “Deep Blue” in 1997. 


The King’s Pawn is a short film directed by Darren Anderson and Jonah Bleicher. When asked the question, “What is chess?” the Caliph of Baghdad answered, “What is life?” The King’s Pawn is a story that takes place around the development of a chess playing supercomputer. Martin Bloom, a former chess prodigy, leads a solitary, unremarkable life, haunted by bright future that never quite materialized.


He spends his days coaching kids who don’t really care for or respect the game, and living in this own past. Just when he needs it the most, Martin receives a new opportunity. He receives a letter from Fen Hu Hung, an old Grad school classmate, now a scientist working to develop a chess-playing supercomputer. He asks Martin join the team, helping to prepare “ Marlowe” for an exhibition match against the greatest living chess player—and Martin’s childhood hero—Vladimir “Vlad the Impaler” Donatoyla. If chess is life, and a supercomputer can play the game with the capacity to scan though 200 million positions per second, in contrast, the story examines how humans play the game, deliberately navigating their world with instinct, creativity, and memory. The King’s Pawn is a story about the marriage of technology and humanity, and how a supercomputer put a “nobody” in a winning position.  (Read more HERE)

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