Flash back from my days in Montreal


I came across this photo, taken in June/July 1974, of Jules Therien.  The photo is from the 1974 St.Jean Baptiste tournament held at the St.Denis Community Centre.  I don’t know how old Jules was in the above photo (probably 80-something; the above link erroneously gives his date as 1920), but what I do remember is that he was PASSIONATE about chess! Jules taught chess to all of his children and grandchildren, and served as president of both the Quebec Chess Federation as well as the Montreal Chess Association.

I played Jules numerous times in local tournaments. He was a real gentleman! Jules came from the generation of chess players where attacking was all there was to chess.  He played in some Canadian Championships in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and held some sort of record for most games played blindfold simultaneously.

Someone told me before I had to play him for the first time back in 1972, ”After everyone of his moves, ask yourself what is the threat?”…the funny thing is that this advice was right on!  Every single move of Jules’ (after the opening) had a threat!  Jules Therien died in June 1977.


If any of my Montreal readers has any information of what has come of the Therien clan, then I would appreciate it if you pass it on to me!

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