Today’s chess video



Andrew  McGregor is the founder of the Tiziano Project which teaches citizen journalism in war torn countries and The Los Angeles Chess Boxing club.


”The Colorado-born McGregor, 34, says chessboxing helped him cope after he returned from the Congo, where he taught journalism to refugees. The work was part of the Tiziano Project, which he founded in 2007 to help people in conflict-heavy regions tell their stories.”


“I was around atrocity and constant savagery,” he says. He’s co-authoring a book with photographer Jean Luc Dushime, whom he mentored in the Congo, about Dushime’s experience surviving two genocides. “I came back to L.A. and was like, ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna chessbox.’?”   He says, “Through the course of boxing, I was able to feel again. It’s a bit extreme, but I remember this guy hit me in the ribs and I felt pain again.”  (Read more HERE)


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