Today’s winning PENETRATION!


“He stabbed into her, driving deeply, repeatedly, iron-hard and demanding. She welcomed the piercing pleasure of his urgency, opening her legs wider, pushing her skirts away and wrapping her legs about him. His thrusts pushed her roughly against the table, but she rose to meet each one…”

The Gentlemen’s Club”  Emmanuelle de Maupassant, The Gentlemen’s Club

imagesIt is generally recognized that Queen Victoria , if she were alive today, would be tried for the murder, abuse and sexual slaughter of 250 million females within the confines of the ‘Commonwealth’. In essence, Queen Victoria was a early version of ADOLF HITLER…only there was no war faught to defend the victims…the SUPERIORITY of the english PENIS dominated commercial, political, philosophical,ethical and financial thinking for her ENTIRE rein…Queen Victoria will go down in history as the greatest mass murderess of all time…sort of reminds you of Blair (2.4 million confirmed unnecessary deaths, average age 15.5)  and the horrific and grotesque LIES required for the ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq in 2003, BUT on a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH larger scale…



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Today’s pyschopathic mega-killer…yesterday’s social justice hero!

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