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Luis Alberto Cuello, age 53 when the internationally recognized documentary below was produced (2014), had spent more than half his life in prison, and today finds himself using chess to try to stay out of prison, giving lessons and promoting the game, especially amongst the youth of his native Uruguay. But to Luis chess is much more than that: chess gives him the confidence and discipline necessary to (hopefully) turn his life around…


Produced by Javier Hayrabedian and Ines Grah for the Uruguayan TV chain CIUDAD, the documentary was quickly recognized and promoted by Al Jazeer’s ground-breaking Viewfinder.  Says Javier: ‘‘ The most interesting aspect in this story was searching for, and discovering, Luis Cuello’s inner world. Luis is an ex-convict who has spent most of his life in prison, and now, after his release, is searching for a productive role to play within society.”  You can read more HERE

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