Today’s chess video


This is funny!  The highschool director decides to cancel all clubs–including the Chess Club–leaving  three high school nerds to find a way to save chess.  Their only option is to remain together as a team–even if that means having to qualify for the Dancing Team! Wackiness ensues in this comedy about proving you have the right moves.  Directed by Evan Waitt (2008), of Real to Reel fame. Enjoy!



The Real to Reel website points out: ”Our kids tell us that it doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 17. When you walk into RAW for the first time, there is one response: I want to belong here. We create a culture where every artist feels welcomed, connected, and committed to our community. RAW is there for kids when they struggle with a piece of art or a piece of their lives.

Using a wide range of media from paint to film, fabric to found objects, kids create art that cannot be ignored because of its quality and content. Their art speaks. It reveals a meaningful part of them that needs to be seen and heard, without being judged.”


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