Poor turnout at Canadian Zonal




The Canadian Chess Federation (CFC) is in a TOTAL melt down! Adult membership levels have plummeted from healthy pre-1999 levels of (+) 2,000 players to the shockingly low levels (of today) of less than 800 players. (Sources tell me that it is likely that another 15% will drop out this year) Canadian chess players are horrified by the federation’s lack of care, lack of leadership and seemingly can not run away fast enough! 


CFC zonal representative Hal Bond (left) and CFC president Vlad Drkulec don’t know what all the fuss is about!

In the past year , Vlad Drkulec, the CFC president has cancelled Canada’s most prestigious tournament–the Canadian Open, as well as the Women’s Championship. All funding to adult chess programs has been eliminated. The Canadian chess magazine is more than 6 months behind schedule; the CFC website is rarely updated and breaks down daily. The Canadian government has withdrawn the CFC’s charitable tax status and won’t touch the CFC with a ten-foot pole.

Earlier today the CFC held the first round of the Canadian Zonal–virtually the LAST country in FIDE to hold it’s qualifying event for the up-coming World Cup.  It was either hold it now or lose the right to send a Canadian participant.  A mere 42 players entered the event, including only 2 of Canada’s 10-grandmasters.  Of Canada’s top 30 rated players (according  to FIDE), only 7 players showed up.





There is NO prize fund listed on the official website.  Players are treated as ‘CUSTOMERS’. Each must pay an entry of 250 dollars, subject to late fees and fines, and which includes a generous portion to the organizer. Players must pay all their travel and lodging expenses. Apparently, what is left–assuming there is something left– will constitute the prize fund:




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