Topalov on Kramnik: unhealed scars…



After Bulgarian superstar V.Topalov emerged as the surprise winner of the Stavanger tournament last week, he gave a short interview to where he spoke about, amongst other things, his difficult relationship with V.Kramnik. It was only too obvious that Veselin is still in pain…


For those readers who are new to the politics of international chess, neither of these fine gentleman (I have the highest opinion of both) has shaken hands with the other since their controversial match for the 2006 World Championshipwhere Topalov’s team accused Kramnik of cheating. (No proof was ever provided, and Kramnik was left, understandably, furious and feeling victimized.) Neither do they speak with each other, and for the most part–when they play in the same events–they try to ignore each other.


But this recent interview given on Chess-News might set aflame the situation, as Topalov has revealed how close to the nerve the whole 2006 affair remains. Topalov really RIPPED into the man:


”Last year I said he was the luckiest man in the history of chess. He never won a single cycle, he got all the matches that he played for political reasons. And they are all the time trying to prove something, although it was quite obvious that he… When I signed a contract to play in the world championship match in Elista, he was number three in Russia. That is, it is clear that there was no sporting selection.”

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”This is the man who always said that Kasparov must qualify. The man who had never qualified himself, yet always got all these… When he shared first or second place in London, there was clearly an attempt to make Carlsen refuse to play the match, and to replace him with Kramnik, so that he would again get to play a World Championship match. And so on, all the time.

That’s the sort of person he is. He heads a team that never wins. And all the while he was on the first board, although he was only number three on rating. Clearly, this is the result of political support…”

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