Today’s chess videos

One more chess advertisement!


Here is a short commercial for Samsung’s wireless charger for its Galaxy model.  Pretty classy! (So is the charger!)

(Just click on image)




Here is an oldie but goodie! Queen Sacrifice is a 30-minute short film written and directed by Julian Richards in 1988 whilst he was a film student at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design and is based on his childhood experience as a school boy chess champion. 

The cast includes Richard Davies, Duane Phillips, Lisa Climie and the music was composed by Julian Nott. The 16mm short was filmed on location in Trehafod in the Rhondda Valley and in Bournemouth.  Many awards were won by young Richard’s effort:


Davey, a talented young chess player and Wil Bevan, his history teacher are in Bournemouth for the British Chess Championships. When Davey meets up with Helen., a punk girl from London. Wil is faced with the problem of steering his charge through the championship and the trauma of first love.

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