Back online at the Top-12



I must apologize to my readers for ‘disappearing‘ these past 4 days. You deserve an explanation: I traveled Thursday/Friday to Grau-du-Roi (Montpellier,France) to coach my team (Migne-Poitiers) in the Top-12, France’s most prestigious Team Championship.  The playing location is beautiful and spectacular, but the organizers forgot to get internet connected, the transmission of moves/live-commentary only being possible with the help of portable telephones.


Next I found out that actually getting an internet connection any where in the rest of the city is a nightmarish experience.  Not a single of the two-dozen commercial establishments (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc) that I visited, looking for wifi, had an internet connection! And since I am one of the few remaining people in the world who does not have a portable phone (I detest them!) it has taken these 4 days to sort out getting back online…

20150531 (1)

I thank my readers for their patience, and promise in the next few days to get back up to date!  Thankyou!!  (Photo of me (centre) commenting on the play in the second round, alongside GM Eric Prie (r) and organizer Sylvain. LINK

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