Final vlog from South America


Eric and Robin quickly left Montevideo to move to Buenos Aires for a change of scenery. Unwinding is an important part of recovery after a tough and difficult tournament: it is not healthy to ignore all that pressure. Here Eric reflects on not meeting his objective at the Continental…drinks some Jim Beam and tortures himself… by eating food from McDonalds!

But joking apart, Eric is a tough competitor and he will not let this setback keep him down. He is disappointed, not bitter.  Eric is already moving forward…


I especially like the vlog productions that he and Robin van Kampen have provided us: reality chess! Big pressure games and putting it all on the line and deciding everything with just one move.  I’d like to see a lot of this type of production.  I think it has possibilities…In any case, Eric is ok.  He will bounce back.  Quickly. And stronger than before..

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