Wednesday Coffee, potpourri and nonsense!

Wednesday Coffee


If coffee were bad for you, then the medical community would have already found out why. After all, how many thousands of years has the human race been drinking coffee? But I suppose because coffee is a growing global multi-billion dollar business–and like any business there is a natural momentum to keep growing profits–the EMPHASIS of virtually every study taking place today is to show WHY coffee is GOOD for you…we then should not be too surprised that many of these same studies are infact funded by leading coffee interests.

HOWEVER, for most coffee drinkers today,  these vested interests needn’t bother to go to the extreme of wasting their money: We (I) LOVE coffee unconditionally…







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This is a true story!  I won’t risk being wrong by saying it is a first, but I am certain that the object of 34 year old Robert Lind’s affection will NEVER forget it!  Last August the Ramsey County, Minnesota man was arrested after he was caught masturbating in a female co-worker’s coffee cup. 


Apparently it was not an isolated incident, and had been going on for quite a while. Court records show that Lind argued that he had only done it twice before, but the woman apparently had an ongoing issue with the taste of her coffee and started to notice a ‘large amount of clear liquid on top of her desk’ – which is really disgusting. Eventually Lind was caught…with his pants down, of course…masturbating into her cup at work!



Lind was charged with both fifth degree criminal sexual misconduct and attempted fifth degree criminal sexual misconduct but Judge Diamon dismissed the charges as not being proven(!) Not quite the ending that everyone expected, but the judge ruled it so!  Judge Diamond’s dismissal argument can be found HERE.  An excerpt:


This doesn’t mean that Robert Lind is out of the woods, however, and lesser charges might still be filed against him.  What lesser charges?  I don’t know, but ruining a perfectly good cup of coffee might be one of them!


I am not really criticizing Robert Lind’s actions, and I can certainly understand the urge to jizz-up your boss’ morning coffee, BUT the next time Robert wants to make a move on the girl he has a crush on, he should probably first ask the girl if he can masturbate in her cup of coffee! (Who knows, maybe she will find that kinky!) BUT the best thing–certainly the most diplomatic– is to  buy her flowers or chocalates or something…




Meanwhile, back in Montevideo…



Is that Eric drinking coffee?  Perhaps…

In any case, both Canadian representatives (gms Eric Hansen and Anton Kovalyov) are well positioned going into the second half of the Continental championship, with undefeated 4.5 points from 6 games.  (The tournament is an 11-round open). If either scores 4 points from the remaining 5 games then they can be assured of one of the 4 qualifying spots for the upcoming Knock-out championship later this year. Scoring 3.5 out of the next 5 might also be good enough, but will likely require a tie-break session.  In any case,  GOOD LUCK, gentlemen!





Eric has been quite hard on himself the past couple of rounds, giving draws when he felt he could have done better. You can follow Eric on his TWITTER.



Below is Eric’s blog-video episode a couple of days ago…certainly not professionally produced, definitely  ‘reality-show’ inspired, but VERY nicely done and gives you the impression that are there in Montevideo playing in a qualifying tournament.  Good for those youngsters out there, to give them an idea of how difficult it is to create opportunities in the chess world, regardless of how talented and hard-working you are.

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