Russian T-Ch enters final round!


Without a doubt the STRONGEST national team championship in the world in 2015–and that is something special given the strong team competitions in China, France, Spain and Germany–ends tomorrow in Sochi.


The top 4 men’s teams and the top 3 women’s teams qualify for the European Club Cup later this autumn.  

How strong is this event? Considering that there are 14 players rated over 2699 and 41 players rated more than 2599, you don’t need much more convincing!


You can follow the LIVE action HERE.



Kramnik is having a GREAT tournament, as is Shirov.  Alexi started like a cat out of hell with two straight wins, including a first round victory over Kramnik.  Kramnik then picked himself up and has scored a fantastic 3.5 points in the next 4 rounds! As you can see from the first result-table above, anything is still possible and the final round will be followed by tens of thousands of fans all around the world!



For more information look HERE.


You can also follow live developments on CHESSDOM as well as CHESS24.  Curiously, almost none of the other top English-language sites are paying much attention to this great event…


ChessBase has nothing on its English site; just a couple of small lip-service references on its German and Spanish sub-sites: ChessVibes also almost nothing. From what I can see, only Polgar’s Daily News blog covers it, but that probably doesn’t mean much–she might even be unaware of it–since her editor cuts and pastes anything and everything that is not nailed down.  


Politics, perhaps!?  

IN ANY CASE, don’t forget to tune into the LIVE games tomorrow!

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