How the cheater got caught!


Yesterday I blogged about the cheating incident that took place in the 5th round inaugural Dr Hegdewar Open Chess Tournament in Delhi.  The cheater, a 19-year-old engineer from Haryana, Dhruv Kakar, rated a lowly 1517, was caught with two phones attached with tape to his body!  In addition, he had a nano-microphone in one of his ears that had to be removed using a magnet.  Batteries were also hidden on his person.




Today in a Mumbai newspaper Grandmaster P.Thipsay explained how the cheater worked against him in the 5th round game and why he became suspicious…



“Some of his moves were out of the world,” said Thipsay speaking to us from Delhi. So this how Kakar’s modus operandi went: Once Thipsay would play his move, it would be relayed to Kakar’s friend sitting in front of a computer in Haryana through a series of foot taps which he could hear because of the mobile phone surreptitiously strapped just above Kakar’s ankle. “The friend would state a move aloud and Kakar would tap with his foot once if he was wrong and twice for affirmative,” says Thipsay who had been bothered through the game by the foot-stamping. The friend would then feed moves into the computer which would throw up the next move relayed to Kakar which he could hear because of the tiny earphone in his ear.”

You can read the entire story HERE.

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