Sunday’s winning 5-second tactics

25 - countdown


wim  Rajic,Marija  (2365)


wim Drljevic,Ljilja  (2220)

From the 5th round of the Serbian Ch (w) , Vrbas, just a few days ago. Position after 39 moves. The game is very complex and both sides are trying to win.  Even though the White King is better enclosed by his Pawns than his counter-part, both King’s are vulnerable to sudden attack.  For instance, if now 40.Rxd6(?) Black mates starting with 40…Rf1+ 41.Bb1 Bxb2+!.

And White has nothing better than a draw after the long forcing variatin 40. Qxd6+ Qxd6 41. Rxd6 Be5! 42. Rdxb6+ Kc7 43. Bb1 Re1 44. Ka2 Rff1 45. Rb7+ Kc8 46. R3b5 Rxb1 47.Rh7! Bd4 48.Rb-b7 etc.



With the idea of getting a better version of the previous variation (40…Qc7 41.Qxd6) as the White King can more easily escape via b3, which is now not occupied by the Rook.



Sharp!  And the best move, setting up a powerful discovered check. Ofcourse, if White now takes the Queen then 41…Rb3 is forced mate. A perpetual check would follow 41. Rxb2 Bxb2+ 42. Kxb2 Qe5+ 43. Kb1 Qe4+ 44. Kc1 Qe3+ as trying to avoid the perp would result in White getting quickly mated.



This check will prevent the Black perp along the e-file in the previous variation.



White now realized that after 42. Rxb2 Bxb2+ 43. Kxb2 Rf2+ 44. Kb1 Qxa3 it is White who is forced to give a perpetual with his Queen!  Objectively, this would be White’s wisest course of play, taking the draw and shaking hands.  HOWEVER, one can understand that White wanted more…

42.Qf7+?!  Ka6


Now completely wrong would be 43. Rxb2? Bxb2+ 44. Kxb2 Rf2+ and White gets mated! And the intended taking the Bishop on f6 does not win (infact, Black would have chances): 43. Qxf6 Rxa2+! 44. Kb1 ( even worse is 44. Kxa2 Qxc4+ 45. Rb3 Rf2+ 46. Qb2 Rxb2+ 47. Kxb2 d5 when Black has excellent winning chances) 44… Qxc4 45. Rxb6 +! Ka5 (45… Kxb6 46. Qxd6+) 46. Ra6+! Qxa6 47. Qc3 Ka4 48. Kxa2 Qe2 49. Rd2 Qe6 50. Kb1 with a dangerous side for both sides; but Black is not worse. This last variation is probably White’s best chance now…but driven by her desire to win, White tries one last desperate trick…



White is an entire Queen up(!) and against any discovered check  White would simply take the Bishop!  Did Black overlook this?





Serbia Ch (w) Drljevic, Ljilja – Rakic, Marija: 43… Bc3!! 44. Ra5+ (44. Rc7 Rb3# or 44.Rc1 Rb4+ 45.RxB Rf1+ and forced mate) 44… bxa5 45. Rxd6+ 45… Rb6# [0:1]

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