Today’s winning 5-second tactics!




gm  Antic, D


gm  Bogosavljevic, B

Serbian Ch Vrbas  18-04-2015  Position after 25 moves.  White stands a bit better, and after 26.Rd1! BxN 27.RxR+ QxR 28.BxB Qc7 the game should probably be drawn with reasonable play by both sides.  HOWEVER, White wanted more than this and , after some calculation, thought he found it:

26.Rb6 (?!)


The Black Queen has no moves, and White had figured that after the apparently logical 26…Be6 27.Qc5! there is considerable pressure being exerted.  White must have been surprised when Black played…



White had thought that this was suicide!

27.RxQ BxB!!


Ooops!! This is what White had overlooked before entering this mess! There is a mate on the first rank and in order to defend against it White must lose material!  After 28.Qb3 PxR Black has Rook, Knight and Bishop for the Queen. At grandmaster level, the win is just a matter of technique.  White resigned on move  42.

One response

  1. 26.R-N6 was the very first move I saw, Kevin, but I would rather prefer 26 . . ., N-B3 instead, to block Rook’s attack, as a new piece is now developed, despite pinned.

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