Today’s winning 5-second tactics


“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”

― Jim Rohn


Cute Study


This is a study by Dmitry Fedorovich Petrov (1909–1987) that was first published in 1971. Petrov had published some 100 studies during his lifetime. I was shown this over the weekend by Daniel Capron, a team member on my French team Echiquier Bordelais. The material is reduced and White has no pawns, making the win ‘problematic’.  However, White has all of his pieces in play and is capable of pulling off a minor miracle due to the harmony between his pieces.



1.Rg6+!  Kh8 2.Rg8+!!  the key move 2…KxR otherwise it is mate in one  Notice that we have now the same position as the starting position except that there is no White Rook on the board!!  3.Bd5+ Rf7  forced as otherwise it is mate in one 4.NxR! Re8 This is the author’s move. If instead 4…Rb8 then 5.Ne5+ Kf8 6.Nd7+ and White has an elementary B and N win. 5.Ne5+ etc.  If 5…Kf8 6.Ng6++

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