Some nice chess art


Interno (1921). Luigi (Gigi) Chessa. Oil on board. Luigi Chessa was born in Torino 1898 and died in 1935. He left a vast body of work. Is the woman studying a chess book, or simply patiently awaiting the arrival of her lover? Probably both.  The Black Knight on the board symbolizing the uncertainty of LIFE with respect to their plans…




Game of Angels, by Jose Almeida & María Flores. What a story it tells! Portuguese artists experimenting with painting and photography. But who  really are Jose and Maria and what are they trying to say you ask? One answer is here.  And here is part of an interview for those who understand Portuguese.

The white angel seems totally bored and is looking at us. Is she winning?  Or does she want the onlooker to take her away and ravish her? (Can angels do that?)  In any case, her look seems to beckon us to act.  


The dark angel, however, seems much more interested in the game. Perhaps the reality of the situation on the board has not yet sunk in…




By Dryp Alvern. Naughty. Notice the chain about her right ankle? She is imprisoned in bed and is playing for favours?  Sexual favours perhaps?  Only a female can answer…

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