Why OBAMA is the BEST America has to offer…





The first BLACK president of the USA inherited a whole LOT of shit!  Two hundred years worth of political SHIT! The first AFRO-AMERICAN president has inherited a LOT of your parent’s and my parent’s RETRO-ACTIVE shit …to take care of and acknowledge and make RIGHT before the end of his presidency…


I support a PRESIDENT who not just WANTS to have his FAMILY behind him, but especially I support a president who  NEEDS to have his FAMILY support him!  BECAUSE Obama WANTS to make America a better place…for EVERYONE.  Especially the most vulnerable amongst us…


Let’s support our fellow Americans, regardless of sex, creed or colour! FUCK our enemies! FUCK the middle east.  FUCK the Ukraine and FUCK wealth-based euro-fascism! AND those who INSIST on bloodying our nose, LET’S just NUKE them and celebrate the 4th of July like nothing ever happened.  IN GOD WE TRUST…but let’s NAIL our enemies just to make sure!

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