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Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born in Breslau, Germany on the 4th of February 1906.  Studying theology at Berlin and Tubingen, he finished his doctorate at age 21. The Lutheran pastor spent many years abroad (London and Barcelona) , working in the church, and finished his studies in the States.

In 1935 Bonhoeffer returned to Germany, accepting positions as reitor and professor at the seminary of the Confessional Church, a relatively new church that opposed the Nazi regime–for moral and theological reasons, not to mention antisemitism–that had recently taken absolute control of Germany.  


In May 1936 the church leaders sent Hitler a polite but firm letter demanding changes, and Hitler’s response was to close the church down, confiscate all of its assets and imprison several hundred pastors

This marked Bonhoeffer’s openly joining Nazi resistance and especially trying to help Jews.  In 1943 he was arrested and was executed on April 9 1945 , just two weeks before the concentration camp where he was held was liberated.  Bonhoeffer was 39 years old.


Below is part of a video of a  theatrical play exploring the life of Bonhoeffer, written and directed by Tossmann.  We can see Bonhoeffer play a game of chess while waiting for his time to end…the play is currently playing at the Bunbury Theatre.



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