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Chess, Sex and Spirituality


Chess from An Exorcism

By Penny Slinger (born 1947), a surrealist artist. Photographic collage, poetry, painting, drawing, and video production are some of the mediums that she uses and combines to express her erotic and mystical, poly-cultural visions. Penny is also an expert in the art of Tantra, and her work on the subject is known world-wide. You might want to check out her website, or investigate her exhibitions.


Penny Slinger in all her glory.  Here is an insightful interview.

‘I don’t really make any separation between one’s physical and one’s spiritual being. We’ve created a huge problem by separating the spirit from the flesh. But if we embrace the spirit in everything that we are and do, then we can manifest the divine in the physical world. Of course there are a lot of veils in people that prevent them from seeing this, and there is work that we need to do to get us closer to this. But because I’ve always felt this way, for me there was neveranything that wasn’t sacred about sexuality…’

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