Creative and erotic chess photos!


The lovely Emanuela Nay. Few will notice that the board is set up wrong! ”I am model, actress, performing art artist. I can be exotic or absolutely pure; I can pose following my experience or my own free style; I can follow exactly your directions without ever getting tired. I am wild, passional, hard worker. I love art and free expression. I love the beauty and the esthetic.”


894b49a58f887ac88a9c4b0eb3952d11Photographer and Models unknow.  As for the rules these lovely lasses are playing by, who cares! I think that the corners of their chess board seem to be formed by their crotches…


6d1ce9821957bef0e9a49798594287f2Photographer and Model unknown.  It was probably not necessary to use a small chess board to bring out her LARGE boobs…


727464Amazing!  LINK  The pawn seems to have reached the 8th and is about to promote to a Queen!?



 Very Nijinskisque!


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