How do you SPELL your name?



kramnikNow here is something that I can relate to, having been brought up in OPEN tournaments.  This was Kramnik’s first OPEN tournament in 20-years or so…at the Qatar Masters taking place right now. LIFE in the opens is VERY different from the relaxed (not to say incestuous) atmosphere of the SUPER tournaments where each opponent KNOWS each other SO WELL!  For example, when Kramnik finally played Anand for the World Championship back in 2008 (?) both players had ALREADY played each other more than 100 times!  The only thing being decided in that World match was a WORLD RECORD for having played each other so many times!!





IN ANY CASE, Kramnik’s opponent was GM Halkias, one of the most under-rated Greek players. The opening was an Evan’s Gambit, an opening that Kramnik had NEVER encountered before. The game was a draw, but only after some VERY difficult moments for Kramnik….who conceivably was lost at one point!


Photo by D.Rukhletskiy

Moral of the story: LIFE at the top is pretty ROSY compared to slumming the OPENS…but that is true of most things in LIFE!


”Slumming (derived from slum) originally referred to a practice, fashionable among certain segments of the middle class in many Western countries, whereby one deliberately patronizes areas or establishments which are populated by, or intended for, people well below one’s own socio-economic level, motivated by curiosity or a desire for adventure. Most often these establishments take the form of bars or restaurants in low-income areas.  

However, slumming has come to refer to many activities that involve interaction with the less fortunate, especially when motivated by curiosity, adventure, laziness, boredom, and even outright greed and miserliness.”



POSTSCRIPT: Kramnik also only drew in Round Two.

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