WCF wins US lawsuit against FIDE!



Stan Vaughan, WCF president and holder of the World Championship title, let it be known publically yesterday that his WCF had won a federal court lawsuit against FIDE.  Readers of this blog might want to refresh the details of this case.



Stan has good reason to be pleased!



When pressed for specifics, Stan was very helpful:


”To try to make this as simple as possible FIDE loses all 6  USA trademarks cancelled for fraud.


Since FIDE  was simply a rico controlled organization controlled through vote bribery by Ilyumzhinov and did not have legal status in Switzerland as FIDE is not incorporated anywhere in the world, unlike WCF,  they had  paid a Norwegian lawyer Morten Sand to be a shill  registering trademarks and falsely saying that Morten Sand was owner of all trademarks and filing an intent to use in future application to use said trademarks. However Sand is now Kasparov and Sinquefield’s legal advisor.

Problem is in licensing the trademarks FIDE had a contract with the Globval Chess LLC Ilyumzhinov controls in Dubai with said contract acknowledging Sand did not really own the trademarks but simply registering on FIDE’s behalf. Thus the application was fraudulent and subject to cancelation as Sand never intended to ever use the trademarks and license to FIDE no such licensing agreement existing.


Furthermore on the other hand any claim to be a non profit association does not fly as FIDE statutes limit membership to only ONE member in any country whereby all countries in world require at least TWO members in said country  to have a voluntary “association” even if  not incorporated. FIDE had done this so they can not be sued only officers in their home country such as in Kalmykia.

But it backfires  as conversely they do not have legal standing to sue if they can not be used. In short FIDE structure as at present is what is preventing western corporations from dealing with FIDE mafia group as  potential large sponsors will not deal with a shady group who can not be sued if terms of sponsorship are not met. Who in their right mind will deal and sponsor  such an organization???

Herein lies THE problem of chess sponsorship in the western world and why only incorporation as Fischer’s WCF did will work in obtaining eventually significant sponsors. WCF defeat of FIDE and settling certain issues opens the door to real sponsorship of worldwide chess events without depending on dictators and money laundering…..or having a situation whereby one person Kasparov destroyed PCA by violating Intel sponsorship agreement by playing IBM computer in violation of sponsorship agreement with a computer related company leading to Intel pulling sponsorship of PCA.”

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