Update on WCF vs FIDE lawsuit



Stan Vaughan writes this morning to inform me of the progress in his $5-billion lawsuit in America against FIDE:


”An order has been issued in the WCF (World Chess Federation) vs FIDE (International Chess Federation) lawsuit in America regarding FIDE’s infringements including attempting to sell a digital chess clock purporting to be the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation, and other counterfeit products.

Eventual damages caused by FIDE are alleged to be 5 billion US

Stan Vaughan, WCF “The World Chess Champion”





For my readers, background information can be found on previously published blog articles (this year)  HERE, HERE AND HERE The WCF’s case against FIDE is essentially of unlawful trademark infringement.  The legal papers filed can be downloaded at the first link given.


FIDE, or Fédération internationale des échecs, was formed in 1924 in Paris.  At the time, the World Championship title belonged to the holder, was his personal property and right, and had nothing to do with FIDE or within FIDE’s jurisdiction.  When Alekhine died, FIDE assumed ownership of the title, but there is doubt that FIDE actually filed the required legal documents in order to do this. Fast forward to Bobby Fischer, the official World Chess Champion, and who was subsequently recognized as such by the US Congress, questions of FIDE’s claim on the world title began to be raised.  Stan Vaughan formed his WCF (World Chess Federation) in the midst of this confusion, and just last month filed a 5-billion dollar lawsuit against FIDE.




As can be seen by the logo above , used by FIDE, the term ‘World Chess Federation’ is NOT  a direct translation of  Fédération internationale des échecs, nor anything close.  FIDE translates, into english:  International Chess Federation.  It will be curious to see how this plays out in court in America.  I will keep readers up to date as things develop…


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