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Good morning, Tuesday!  Fred is a regular reader here and a BIG fan of Tim Hortons coffee. He wrote to me after my Saturday Coffee posting.  Living in Portugal for so long, it had completely slipped my mind that the Canadian-founded fast food giant is one of the BIG players in the coffee  business. 



Eight of every 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada are from Tim Hortons.  It has almost 4,000 locations in Canada, 807 locations in the US  and 29 in the Gulf states. In Canada,Tim Hortons easily outdistances Starbucks, and its revenues outclass MacDonalds year after year. But there is still a LOT of work yet to do to globalize the brand, even so, the future seems promising and the company is already working on it.


Starbucks has more than 18,000 locations world wide and last year generated more than 13 billion dollars of sales.




There are a lot of really exotic world championships out there!  For instance, do you know who is the current World Masturbation Champion?  (I am serious! Even Montreal has an annual ‘Masturbate-A-Thon’, though this year’s edition was cancelled (due to lack of registrations!)  But I am digressing…)


In the world of coffee, one of the most prestigious titles revolves around LATTE ART .  In the just completed Melbourne International Coffee Expo many of the world’s best latte-artists participated, including entries from the winners of the first-ever American Latte Art Championship!


This is relatively new phenomenon, but is catching on VERY quickly.  And it makes a lot of sense too, considering how specialty coffee is one of the quickest growing businesses in the world today. Sponsorship is not a problem , either.  Move over chess…you are not addictive enough!







This item made big headlines in England!  The Beckham’s is one of the richest and most influential yuppy-generation families in the world.  Even so, they wanted their eldest son to find out what the ‘cruel’ world is really like…so they got him a part-time job in an upscale coffee shop!  LINK




Mommy Beckham (Victoria) is just so proud of Brooklyn!


“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.”

― John Lennon





That is right! The unscrupulous things Gary will do inorder to get votes!  During his recent visit to Dublin,Ireland (March 28 to 31) as part of his FIDE crusade, Kasparov was seen in the  O Donoghues pub in Dublin holding a glass of Guinness.  The photo above was taken to record the fact.  Though there is some doubt about how much (if at all) of the beer he drank…





And how is the FIDE election going?  Apparently almost all of this month’s action is taking place out of public view. Both Kasparov’s campaign page and Kirsan’s campaign page have very little to report/update, though Kirsan’s site just posted this :




Lewis Ncube is a FIDE vice-president and Delegate of the Chess Federation of Zambia. He wrote a letter–infact,a very well written and documented letter–about some of the less-digestible tactics that the Kasparov campaign has engaged in.  Though I can not attest to the veracity of everything Ncube alleges, it would appear that these same influences might be at work in Canada. Here is a LINK to a recent post by a very frustrated president of the Canadian Chess Federation ( Vlad Drkulec).  So far things have stayed out of mainstream media, but I would not be surprised if this story explodes at some point or is read by the Ilyumzhinov campaign…inwhich case it could become anti-Kasparov propaganda 



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