Interesting read about Rex Sinquefield



I have never met Rex Sinquefield but I have heard a lot of GREAT things about him, in particular for his generous contributions to the American chess community.  Born in 1944, Sinquefield became a billionaire by working in the investment business.  Rex is now retired, but  apparently is a VERY busy man.  He is also part of Kasparov’s 2014 FIDE campaign.

sem nome

 What I did not know is that he has poured tens of millions of dollars into elections and referenda to try to secure legislators and laws to advance his agenda. He has dumped millions into front groups and lobbying entities to massage politicians, spin the press, and try to soften up public opinion toward his personal wish list for changing Missouri law.”  LINK   This  link makes a fascinating read about a truly ”rags to riches” American success story. 

I  also recommend the reader to take a look at ‘A Reporter’s Guide to Rex Sinquefield and the Show-Me Institute: What Reporters, Citizens, and  Policymakers Need to Know’  A fascinating story about a fascinating man!  


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