The strange case of Anton Kovalyov


(GM  Kovalyov in Portugal in 2009)
Chess sensation Anton Kovalyov was born in 1992  to Russian parents living in the Ukraine, moved to Argentina as a boy where he learned chess and soon became a recognized  prodigy.  In 2007, the family moved to Montreal, looking for a better life.  Anton has been living there since…but is still registered as an Argentine chess player and is recognized by  FIDE as such.  He is the top-rated Argentine player and is to represent Argentina at the upcoming Olympiad in Istanbul later this summer:
2012  Argentine National Team  LINK
Nothing strange about that, ofcourse!  Argentina is proud to have Anton on the national team.  BUT what is strange is that shortly before leaving to represent Argentina at the Olympiad, Anton is slated to participate in the Canadian Championship, which will also serve as Zonal  link   qualification for the 2013 World Cup!

THIS is VERY strange for a number of reasons.  FIRST, chess players representing Argentina are not allowed to play in the Canadian Zonal tournament: only registered members of the Canadian Zone can play:

FIDE regulation  Zonal Tournament

SECONDLY, and this is most important, no chess player is allowed to represent any other federation while a member in good standing of another federation.  EVEN IF Kovalyov was a Canadian Citizen and had dual citizenship, he is still prohibited from playing for Canada (1.2 and 1.3 below):

Even so, the organizers of the Canadian Zonal are going ahead and will let Kovalyov participate in the Canadian Zonal.  WHY?  Because it is not against Canadian Championship regulations!

Link to CFC rules for Canadian Championship Tournament
Ofcourse, this would not be the first time that the CFC did not respect the FIDE rules.  One recent example saw them allow a player registered with the Israeli federation play in and win the Canadian Junior Championship.  WHEN said player showed up for the World Junior, he was sent home packing because he did not officially represent Canada!  His family spent thousands of dollars on what turned out to be a waste of his time!  CFC officials just laughed it off…
IN ANY CASE, the CFC can do as it wants because it does not care about or respect rules and regulations.  Nor does the CFC respect rule of LAW.  The Canadian Zonal is regulated by FIDE rules (stated above), NOT just  by its own rules.  FIDE rules governing zonals have priority over individual federations. 

And let us not forget that Anton Kovalyov is an Argentine player, not a Canadian player: his participation in the Canadian Zonal could lead to him being suspended and/or fined,  and even possibly prohibited from representing Argentina at the upcoming Olympiad should the matter be brought to the attention of  FIDE and the Argentine Chess Federation (FADA).

Think about it, Anton!  Don’t let the CFC screw you….you must RESPECT the FIDE regulations that all grandmasters are subject to!
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