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The start of another week! A busy week at that.  I am presently playing in the Portuguese Team Championship  in Porto until next Sunday.  My team Academica de Coimbra is in the lead after 2 rounds of play, but is not the favourite to win.  (But we will try anyway!)


The Quebec Open is underway in Montreal and boasts the strongest lineup in a Canadian tournament this year.  Cuban superstar Bruzon is heading the field.


And gm Andres Rodriguez (Uruguay) sent me some information about the upcoming Continental Chess Championship of the Americas (LINK) which will take place in Mar del Plata (Argentina) between October 12 and 21.
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The tournament is run as an 11-round OPEN swiss, with one round a day (except for one day, when there will be 2 rounds) and the time control is 40 moves in 90 minutes followed by half and hour to finish (plus 30′ per move).
I have played in 2 Continental Championships in South America (Buenos Aires, 2005) and (Cali, 2007) and enjoyed them immensely!  This is one of the most prestigious events on the FIDE calender and brings together players from all over the Americas (North America, Central America and South America) to compete for 4 places for the 2013 World Cup as well as cash prizes:

ANYBODY can play in the event, regardless of your rating or title!  It is open to everyone whose federation is based in the Americas. Contact your federation for more information.  Some countries have the right to have a certain number of representatives play with hotel for free. Canada has the right for one player with free hotel, and the others have to pay their own expenses.
HOWEVER, the organizers have done their homework and have arranged a number of packages ranging between 500 US dollars and 800 US dollars for the duration of the event.  This includes hotels with 3 and 4 stars.
AS WELL, for norm seekers, ANY norm achieved in this event will count as TWO (2) norms!  Think about it!  Plus, if the winner is not already a GM, then he will automatically make a gm norm…
That being said, I am thinking seriously of participating!  Hope to see you there!  September 1st prices increase 10%, so book early.
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