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There are ‘strip’ versions of virtually every game ( Link ) , and so it should not be so surprising to learn that ‘strip-chess’ also exists.  However, researching this blog article I was surprised to learn that not only has strip chess been played for atleast 100 years, but is actually catching on in popularity thanks to the web!
Strip chess is a variant of chess in which an article of clothing (including ear rings and shoes) is removed for each piece taken by the opponent, often excluding pawns.  There are a number of variations of this game, and it can also be played on-line or by mail!  You will have to wait, however, before strip chess has its own international federation…  Link
Strip Chess is played on a piece by piece system. Each time one partner piece gets captured in the game, he/she will have to remove one thing he/she is wearing.  This is how it works.
Pawn: Lose socks or watch or something minor like that, if you are out of minor clothing items then there is no penalty.
Rooks: If a person has lost both of their rooks they lose their pants. There is no penalty for losing just 1 rook.
Bishop-Knight: If you lose 2 of any combination of these you lose shirt. This means all shirts above the bra, if you are a girl, and if the girl is not wearing a bra then she still loses all shirts.
Queen: If a girl loses her queen she loses her bra. That doesn’t mean she also loses her shirt. If shes not wearing a bra then she loses her pants. If a guy loses his queen the other player gets to choose between him losing his shirt and his pants. If he’s lost both, then he loses his underwear.
King: If a king is put in checkmate then you lose your underwear, if you still have your pants then you keep them though, just lose the underwear.
Spectators: If people are watching, it’s only fair that they get naked too. They must choose one player to back and incur any penalties that the player receives.
Pawn advancement: A pawn can undo a penalty if it advances to the last row. You can’t use pawn advantage as ’insurance’ if you turn your pawn into a queen and you lose it, you incur the queen-loss penalties. Even if you have another Queen.
If you have lost your pants because you lost 2 bishops or 2 knights or 1 of each, then you advance 1 pawn, you can advance it into one of whatever you are missing, and get your pants back.

Tournament Play  (or for naughty parties)

Yes, it’s possible that more than two people will want to play strip chess in the same setting at the same time. You can play round robin or just set a maximum number of games per player. Instead of players taking off clothes after each capture, players will do so after each game.
For a loss, the player will remove two pieces of clothing. For a draw, both players will remove one article of clothing.
In a stalemate, the person with the most pieces takes off two pieces of clothing (since he or she could have prevented the stalemate). The winner is the one who has collected the most clothes.
Strip Chess in Pop Culture
Surprisingly, strip chess has actually been a documented phenomenon in the mass culture.Strip chess has shown itself in entertainment.  Gordon’s Gin’s employed a couple to play strip chess in the window of Selfridges in Oxford Street to publicise the launch of their campaign in April 2003. The distiller sailed close to the wind in 2000, when posters of a naked woman advertising gin were banned in Ireland because they were too “provocative”. They used the one piece of clothing off per capture.
Hugh Grant and Alicia Witt’s characters played strip chess in a scene in ‘’Two Weeks’ Notice’’. The rules for this particular movie version aren’t known, but it seemed to have the same ultimate goal of the above versions.






I moved the Queen to C6, thus completing the “Didn’t-Think-I’d-Go-There, Eh?” Counter Gambit. She had lost yet another game of Strip Chess. I was up 4-0, and now both of her socks and shoes were removed. Unfortunately, eight hours had passed and I was beginning to lose my erection. I reluctantly explained the circumstances and she understood.
Luckily, two months later we met again and this time after 41 hours she was down to bra and panties. However, right when things were getting good, she broke down in tears and admitted she was purposely losing the games — making sure to play well enough that it didn’t look obvious. I never felt so betrayed, and I told her I’d never play strip chess with her again. So we played regular chess for a while and then f???ed, before eventually losing my erection a second time. Why me?
The very next day, I lost to my dog in strip chess, and lied to him that I lost on purpose to conceal my embarrassment. He said he’d never play strip chess with me again, so we played regular chess .. It was okay… He would not yield to reason, so we broke up. The next day I played strip chess against myself and cried for hours after realizing I was purposely trying to lose so I would take off my clothes. I’ll never play strip chess again….



Reema Sen Playing Strip Chess






There are, unsurprisingly, plenty of naughty games available for free online. Though I can’t vouch for their quality–I don’t plan on playing either the real or virtual versions of the game any time in the near future–I suppose that they, as well, would be quite enjoyable to the person with the perfect combination of libido, intellect, and delayed gratification that would push him or her to play the game of strip chess.
The above photo is actually a hard-core sex video that begins with strip chess as its theme.  Do a google search starting with to find the entire downloadble version.



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