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This past weekend I was away, busy doing my part to help promote chess in the chess club that I belong to here in Portugal (AAC-Associacao Academica  de Coimbra).  That included training some of the many youngsters that have recently taken up the game, as well as playing a game in the club-team championship here in Portugal.  All in all, a very pleasant experience.

When I got home ,late this evening, I found an email from a reader who wanted to draw my attention to a non-profit organization called ”Be Someone” (  that uses chess to teach at-risk youngsters to build self-esteem, responsibility and analytic thinking.  The organization wants to help change the world for the better one move at a time

Be Someone was founded by Orrin Hudson, a former state trooper and airforce veteran. Hudson has natural public speaking skills to go along with his love of chess.  Donald Trump himself was quite impressed with Hudson’s leadership skills.

Trump came to town to urge the attendees to “love what you do”, and to “never, ever quit” pursuing your dreams. Just minutes into his presentation, Trump noticed Orrin Hudson, an African American community leader and motivational speaker, sitting enthusiastically in the front row and invited Hudson to join him onstage.

Trump then asked Hudson if he knew “The Donald” story of success. Since Hudson has made a career out of speaking to motivate and inspire, he was able to recite effortlessly the major events in Trump’s rise to real estate tycoon. Hudson’s excitement and passion delighted Trump and had the audience enthralled.  (–Black News)


Orrin believes that prevention is better than detention, and the new currency on the planet is KASH with a K: K for Knowledge, A for Attitude, S for Skills, and H for Habits. KASH is KING. Once you get it, no one can take it away.
Since then, he’s helped over 20,000 kids develop the practical skills and techniques to overcome obstacles in life, illustrated through the best and most intellectual visual aid: the chessboard.

I explored the website of Be Someone and I was quite impressed!  This guy really knows how to sell himself and package his product for mass consumption!  It is nice to see such a creative use of the game of chess instead of the almost tired and worn shoe that it has become when promoting chess in schools…I think Hudson has found a winning idea!

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